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 Illustrators Illustrated is an online space for discussion and exploration of illustration. Based in Berlin, we seek to discover the practices of contemporary illustrators while placing their work within the broader framework of illustration as a form of visual expression and communication.

Illustrators Illustrated features exclusive interviews with contemporary illustrators, who are then themselves illustrated by a fellow illustrator. The depth and breadth of illustration as a discipline and its evolving place in the contemporary arts and wider industry is also explored through reviews, articles and critiques. You can also keep up to date on events happening in Berlin and find interesting links and resources.

Illustrators Illustrated hosts Drawn Together, a monthly illustrators get-together in Berlin. Join the group!

Illustrators Illustrated was founded by Judith Carnaby in late 2013.

If you are an illustrator wanting to illustrate another illustrator, or want to say hi,  just get in touch!

email: hello@illustratorsillustrated.com

twitter: @illus_illued

instagram: illustrators_illustrated

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