Portrait of…

Ella Cohen

Ella is originally from Israel and graduated from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem in 2010. Since then she has been working as a freelance illustrator on different world-wide commissions, and is now living and working in Berlin.

Creating graphic and bold illustrations in both traditional and digital media, Ella’s illustrations are playful and moving. Her observations of everyday life are a great inspiration for her, and her personality-filled illustrations communicate the best, worst, and most absurd of situations.

Ella is represented by Folio Illustration Agency in the UK, and you can see more of her commercial work on their website.

Read or download the Illustrators Illustrated conversation with Ella and Bárbara, and learn more about her inspirations and experiences.


Illustrated by…

Bárbara Fonseca

Bárbara is from a small Portuguese town called Caldas da Rainha, near Lisbon where she studied communication design. Following her move to Berlin three years ago, Bárbara worked in an interactive design studio but now she focuses on illustration. Often using the moniker Veils and Mirrors, she is passionate about her work and has created illustrations for a variety of zines, books, prints and exhibitions, as well as editorial illustration for magazine covers and feature articles.

For more read the Illustrators Illustrated interview with Bárbara, and her conversation with illustrator Ella Cohen.