Portrait of…

Cologne-based illustrator and designer Sarah von der Heide.

Sarah studied graphic design at the Trier University of Applied Sciences, and is part of studio Li33 – a creative collective with a strong focus on illustration, communication- and motion design. Sarah’s clients include magazines and newspapers such as Financial Times Deutschland, Blonde and GQ as well as design- and advertising studios. One of Sarah’s most popular projects is her Tumblr blog Draw Me The News, where she illustrates a current event of world news once a week.

Illustrated by…

Anna Katharina Jansen

Anna is originally from Aachen, a small city near to the border of Belgium. Following her studies in communication design she moved to Cologne and began her work as a freelance illustrator. Anna is now working on her Masters in Hamburg, developing works with a charming hand-drawn quality, full of painterly textures, pencil shadings and restricted colour palettes.

See more of Anna’s work on her website, blog and follow her on Instagram @annakatharinajansen