Exciting update! Illustrators Illustrated is going even more international…

I, Judith, illustrator and founder of Illustrators Illustrated, have left Berlin after eight wonderful and challenging years and returned to my motherland – Aotearoa New Zealand… I am now living surrounded by the deep greens of the native bush and biking alongside the glittering blue waves of the capital city, Wellington!

I intend to maintain a strong link to the illustration worlds in Berlin, Europe and wider afield, continuing to publish interviews, articles and reviews about illustrators of the northern hemisphere. But equally, living in NZ now means I have an exciting opportunity to focus on areas closer to me (well, nothing is exactly ‘close’ to me…) and explore illustration in the southern hemisphere: hello to the Pacific, Asia, Africa and South America!

If anyone has any suggestions for illustrators, comic artists or other visual storytellers here in the south, let me know! I’m looking forward to meeting new illustrators and illustration enthusiasts on this side of the world.