Check out our new portrait-chain project: Illustrators, Illustrated!
We have invited illustrators previously interviewed by Illustrators Illustrated to create a portrait of a fellow illustrator.

We hope the project will provide a platform for illustrators to get to know their community by encouraging illustrators to get out of their studio
and connect with other artists around them. The portrait project aims to help build a strong network within illustration, bringing together freelancers,
students, established and emerging illustrators to open up possibilities for collaboration, both in Berlin and further afield.

Last year Dylan Taylor created a portrait of Bárbara Fonseca, who will be creating a portrait of Ella Koo Koo.

Now, Anna Katharina Jansen has created a beautiful portrait of Sarah von der Heide!

Keep an eye out for more portraits over the coming months, or get in touch if you want to illustrate an illustrator near you…


Sarah von der Heide by Anna Katharina Jansen, 2015