Illustrator Jayde Perkin asks her partner and fellow illustrator David McMillan some tough and touching questions in this cheeky in-depth interview!!


Meet illustrator Jayde Perkin, and learn more about her tactile illustration work, that is both playfully personal and professionally playful.

Advice for Illustrators – Q & A with Folio illustration agency

Illustration agents are practised at promotion, negotiation, licensing and standing up for an illustrator’s rights. Nicola Manuel from Folio illustration agency in London gives some helpful advice for freelance illustrators who are just starting out, or experienced illustrators who want to refresh their approach!

Heather Gatley – Illustration Agents Special!

Talented illustrator Heather Gatley works from a beautiful shared studio space in an old factory building in the heart of Kreuzberg, Berlin. As part of the Illustrators Illustrated Agency Special, read her brief interview about being represented by her UK illustration agency.


Olaf Breuning is a multi-disciplinary contemporary artist, originally from Switzerland and currently living and working in NYC. Olaf’s work escapes definition, moving between photography, sculpture, videos, and installation. His drawings, made with pencil, paper and a sense of humour, reveal and delight in the absurdity of life.


Portuguese illustrator and artist Rita Gomes, A.K.A. Wasted Rita, scrawls and almost scratches her drawings and text works onto the page. Her black and white images are dripping with sarcasm and challenge you with their explicit content and strong emotion. Restless and easily bored, she has a thirst for new people and places, hurling herself into new experiences that inspire her in creating her work.


Sitting among fallen oranges, Rubén Martín Hernández has a quick, mischievous grin and sparkles with enthusiasm and energy. Rubén pours that energy into Dodo Magazine, his self-published adventure, science and fantasy magazine for anyone with an inquisitive mind and joyful sense of discovery.


The first artist-in-residence at Berlin’s Idrawalot, Andrea Heimer’s intricate, delicate and dark paintings immerse you in an awkward ’90s American suburban childhood.


Anna uses gentle colour palettes and lots of acrylic, beautifully executed in her charming tale of two people with temperature control problems.


A freshly minted illustrator and recent arrival to Cologne, Nadine makes work with a mash-up of shaky hand-drawn elements and digital textures.


In Björn’s work, shaky pencil lines, wide-eyed figures, textures and hand-drawn words seem to tumble into themselves and fight against each other to be seen.