In Broad Strokes – Freunde von Freunden

Take a peak behind the scenes of Illustrators Illustrated!
Illustrators Illustrated founder Judith Carnaby was delighted to show the lovely people at FVF around her home, studio and neighbourhood, and talk to them about her illustration work and Illustrators Illustrated….


Luke Frost, Jon Rundall and Therese Vandling make up Heretic – an experimental illustration and print-making studio based in London. The engaging trio share a room in the Space Studios complex, just around the corner from the freshly green London Fields in Hackney. With their original prints and high technical standard, Heretic’s innovative work would be the middle of an intensely bright Venn diagram that blurs the spaces of illustration, design and print-making.


Perched on a steep hillside overlooking the log-filled port town of Lyttelton is the home studio of Hannah Beehre, AKA Frankie Pip, a New Zealand artist and illustrator. Frankie fits her illustration work around being a full time parent, and during our studio visit she talks about her work and explains how she manages to balance a career as an illustrator alongside motherhood.