DRUCK BERLIN festival is happening this weekend at Urban Spree! Opening on Friday night, the international festival aims to provide a comprehensive overview of everything print focused. Featuring an ink-jammed program to represent all forms of print such as Linocut, Etching, Riso, Litho, Letter Press and Silk Screen, the festival encompasses lots of live action, an eclectic exhibition, fully stocked shop, individual collections by different artists and plenty of creative interactions.


Luke Frost, Jon Rundall and Therese Vandling make up Heretic – an experimental illustration and print-making studio based in London. The engaging trio share a room in the Space Studios complex, just around the corner from the freshly green London Fields in Hackney. With their original prints and high technical standard, Heretic’s innovative work would be the middle of an intensely bright Venn diagram that blurs the spaces of illustration, design and print-making.


The illustration and graphic arts scene in London appears almost as hectic and diverse as the city itself. Illustrators Illustrated travelled to the UK to visit the 6th incarnation of PICK ME UP, a two-week festival of illustration and graphic arts held in late April and early May. Featuring international illustrators, studios, collectives and galleries and a public programme of talks and presentations, there was a lot to see and do, and now you can read the review!


Judith Carnaby from Illustrators Illustrated goes to Abrantes, Portgugal, as one of the 20 selected participants of the 180 CREATIVE CAMP 2014. Read her review of the camp and check out great work by some of the participating artists, illustrators, animators and publishers, all illustrated!


Olaf Breuning is a multi-disciplinary contemporary artist, originally from Switzerland and currently living and working in NYC. Olaf’s work escapes definition, moving between photography, sculpture, videos, and installation. His drawings, made with pencil, paper and a sense of humour, reveal and delight in the absurdity of life.