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Chimène Henriquez finds out more about the work of French illustrator and comic artist Sandrine Martin…

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Beyond the current popular use of illustration in digital media (as part of website design, onboarding for apps, instagram ads…), how are illustrators creating innovative story-led work in this new ocean of digital possibility? We explore the work of illustrators who are utilising the strength of narrative illustration and structures inherent to specific digital platforms to create new forms of visual storytelling.

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Illustrator Yuliya Gwilym pins down the itinerant illustrator and comic artist Valentin Seiche a.k.a. Airfortress and asks him all about his creation of imaginary, fantastical worlds and dark yet adorable characters – as part of our illustrators portrait chain!

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Go behind the scenes and learn about curating illustration in this in-depth interview with Olivia Ahmad, Curator at the House of Illustration in London, UK.


London Illustration Fair

The London Illustration Fair is back for 2016! The LIF will be located at the Bargehouse - OXO Tower Wharf, on London's Southbank , with 4 floors of illustration, workshops, exhibitions and events. The fair will run from the 2nd to 4th of December 2016 with a launch...

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Thoughts on an Illustrator’s Role

As illustrators, what role can we, should we, or do we want to play in society? What steps could we take as illustrators to make our role and work more democratic, more inclusive, more transparent, more informed, more engaging? Here are some thoughts, and some questions…

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The new book ‘Martha’ by German illustrator Atak tells the tale of the extinction of North America’s native Passenger Pigeon – its shockingly rapid decline caused directly by humans. Boisterous artworks filled with roughly-painted backgrounds, intense complementary colours, scratchy crayons, and jarring shifts in scale and perspective all combine to create surreal landscapes and swirling skies.

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In Broad Strokes – Freunde von Freunden

Take a peak behind the scenes of Illustrators Illustrated!
Illustrators Illustrated founder Judith Carnaby was delighted to show the lovely people at FVF around her home, studio and neighbourhood, and talk to them about her illustration work and Illustrators Illustrated….

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Meet illustrator Jayde Perkin, and learn more about her tactile illustration work, that is both playfully personal and professionally playful.

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Drawn Together – spring meet up!

The sun is shining and Berlin is taking off that old grey winter coat! It’s the perfect time to get out of your studio and draw, chat, and booze together. Come along to the first spring Drawn Together and meet some other illustrators and illustration enthusiasts!

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ILLU 16 – Illustration festival in Cologne

Opening on Wednesday 23 of March is the third installment of the Illustratoren Festival in Cologne. Held every two years, the festival brings together 50 selected illustrators in an exhibition that showcases the diversity of illustration practice in North...

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